PK Rosy Google Doodle: Who is She, and Where is She Now?

PK Rosy Google Doodle

P. K. Rosy shattered multiple societal boundaries by taking on the role of the female lead in the film “Vigathakumaran” (The Lost Child). This was especially significant as women were not often encouraged to pursue careers in the performing arts in certain parts of society. Google celebrated the 120th birth anniversary of P. K. Rosy, […]

Welcome ‘Bard’! Meet Google’s ChatGPT-Like AI Tool


Google’s launch of Bard AI is a response to the significant pressure it faces to keep pace with Open AI’s well-known chatbot, ChatGPT. Google has unveiled ‘Bard’, a conversational AI chatbot, with an explanation from CEO Sundar Pichai in tweets and a blog post.  Bard will compete directly with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has gained immense […]

10 Disadvantages of Using ChatGPT


As the world of AI continues to evolve, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become one of the most popular language models on the market.  However, while the technology certainly has its benefits, it’s important to consider some of the disadvantages of using ChatGPT in your business. Here are ten disadvantages to keep in mind: Limitations of AI […]

Transform Your Communication with ChatGPT-Powered Microsoft Teams Premium


Microsoft corporation launches team premium, featuring integration with ChatGPT AI technology. Now, enhance your collaboration experience with team premium, offering AI-powered features from ChatGPT and OpenAI for $7 per month (starting June). “Experience streamlined meetings with automatic notes, task recommendations, and template creation, thanks to the integration of ChatGPT’s innovative AI technology in teams premium. […]

Study: Long-COVID-19 Symptoms are Only ‘7’


A recent study sheds light on the long-term health implications of long-COVID-19.  While there have been numerous reports of symptoms associated with the virus, researchers at the University of Missouri have discovered that only seven out of the 47 symptoms are directly linked to long-COVID or post-COVID conditions.  This new insight provides a deeper understanding […]

The James Webb Space Telescope Captures Spiral Galaxy in Great Detail


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured a remarkable image of a dense cluster of celestial bodies, with a standout spiral galaxy visible in remarkable clarity.  This latest release showcases the telescope’s ability to observe distant galaxies and stars with incredible detail. Image credit: ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, A. Martel The James Webb Space Telescope […]

Should the U.S. economy Prepare for a recession? Here’s what economists say


In the past, efforts to curb inflation have consistently resulted in a rapid economic slowdown, such as what occurred in the 1980s. Is it possible that the outcome will be different this time around? The current state of the U.S. economy presents a positive outlook as most workers remain employed despite recent high-profile layoff announcements.  […]

Season: A Letter to the Future: A Unique, Soothing Console game


Planning to delve into ‘SEASON: A letter to the future’? Well, that’s adventurous. You take on the role of a character faced with the impending end of their world.  With a hopeless mission to document as much of the old world as possible before it’s gone forever, the game takes you on a thrilling adventure.  […]

The Academy Clears Andrea Riseborough’s Name in Oscar Nomination Controversy

Oscar Nomination Controversy

Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar nod is safe at last – the decision is settled! Controversy swirls as the Academy assesses a surprise Oscar nod! After a week of speculation, they met to determine if Andrea Riseborough’s nod for ‘To Leslie’ followed their guidelines.  Though the nod stands, the Academy takes issue with certain “social media and […]

Redesigning Your Site May Affect Your Rankings, Says Google

Redesigning Your Site

“Gary Illyes from Google’s Search Relations Team delivers valuable insights with his latest PSA on LinkedIn!  Dive into the exciting world of search engine optimization as Gary reveals the impact of site redesigns on rankings, saying ‘Get ready for a wild ride, as your site’s rankings may go haywire when you revamp it.’” “Gary Illyes […]