PK Rosy Google Doodle: Who is She, and Where is She Now?

PK Rosy Google Doodle: Who is She, and Where is She Now?

P. K. Rosy shattered multiple societal boundaries by taking on the role of the female lead in the film “Vigathakumaran” (The Lost Child). This was especially significant as women were not often encouraged to pursue careers in the performing arts in certain parts of society.

Google celebrated the 120th birth anniversary of P. K. Rosy, who was both the first woman and the first Dalit actor in Malayalam cinema, with a special doodle on Friday.

Who is P. K. Rosy?

P. K. Rosy, born on February 10th, 1903, was a trailblazer in the Indian film industry, being the first actress in Malayalam cinema. She made her acting debut in the landmark film, “Vigathakumaran,” directed by J. C. Daniel.

Where is PK Rosy?

As a result of her alleged “transgression” of performing as a member of the Nair caste, it is said that her home was set ablaze by those of higher castes. According to reports, she then escaped on a lorry bound for Tamil Nadu, where she wed the driver, Kesavan Pillai. She lived the remainder of her life under the name “Rajammal” in relative anonymity in Tamil Nadu.