Finn Wolfhard Height, Age, Net Worth, Bio, Family, Career, Weight & More

Finn Wolfhard Height, Age, Net Worth, Bio, Family, Career, Weight & More

Finn Wolfhard is a Canadian actor, singer, musician, and screenwriter who has gained international recognition for his popular films and television series roles. He is best known for playing Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things and Richie Tozier in the It film franchise.

Early Life and Education:Finn Wolfhard

Born in Vancouver, Canada on December 23, 2002, Finn Wolfhard is the son of Mary Jolivet and Eric Wolfhard, an aboriginal land claims researcher. He has an older brother, Nick Wolfhard, who is also an actor.

While attending Catholic school, Finn participated in various plays and musicals, which sparked his interest in acting. At 11, he enrolled in a local acting program, further honing his skills and preparing himself for a career in the entertainment industry.

Professional Career

Finn Wolfhard’s professional career began in 2014 when he made his television debut in a minor role on the series The 100. He followed this with guest appearances on other shows such as Supernatural and Whispers. However, his breakthrough came in 2016 when he was cast as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things. The series became a global phenomenon, catapulting Finn to international fame.

Since then, Finn has continued to build a successful career, taking on roles in various film and television projects. Some of his notable works include:

  • It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019)
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)
  • The Turning (2020)
  • Dog Gone (2023)
  • The Goldfinch (2019)

In addition to acting, Finn Wolfhard is also a talented musician. He is a vocalist and guitarist for the band Calpurnia, which released their debut album in 2018. He has also written and directed several short films.


Despite his success, Finn Wolfhard is known for being down-to-earth and humble. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing music, and watching movies. He is also a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and other social causes.

Family and Relatives

Finn Wolfhard is close to his family, which includes his parents, Mary Jolivet and Eric Wolfhard, and his older brother, Nick Wolfhard. He often speaks fondly of them in interviews and shares photos of them on social media.

Romantic Relationships

Finn Wolfhard has been private about his romantic life. He has not publicly confirmed any relationships, but he has been linked to several actresses and models over the years.

Finn Wolfhard’s 2023 Net Worth

As of 2023, Finn Wolfhard’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. He has amassed his wealth through his successful acting career, as well as his music and other ventures.

Finn Wolfhard’s Weight and Other Body Measurements

Finn Wolfhard’s exact weight is not publicly available, but he is estimated to weigh around 125 pounds. He is also of average height, standing at 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall.

So, How Tall Is Finn Wolfhard, Exactly?

While Finn Wolfhard’s height is officially listed as 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), some sources claim he is taller. This discrepancy is likely because Finn is still growing and his height may fluctuate slightly. Additionally, photos of him standing next to other celebrities of known heights can sometimes give the impression that he is taller than he is.

Finn Wolfhard’s Real Height Compared to Other Popular Stars in Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard stands at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall. This makes him one of the tallest cast members in Stranger Things, alongside Millie Bobby Brown (5 feet 3 inches), Caleb McLaughlin (6 feet), Gaten Matarazzo (5 feet 8 inches), and Sadie Sink (5 feet 2 inches).

  • Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven): 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 meters)
  • Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair): 6 feet (1.83 meters)
  • Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson): 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters)
  • Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield): 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters)
  • Noah Schnapp (Will Byers): 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
  • Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler): 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)
  • Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers): 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)
  • Joe Keery (Steve Harrington): 5 feet 10.5 inches (1.79 meters)
  • David Harbour (Jim Hopper): 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters)

As you can see, Finn is taller than most of the other young stars in the show, but not as tall as some of the adult actors like David Harbour.

Finn Wolfhard’s journey is a captivating narrative of talent, dedication, and the intricacies of navigating fame at a young age. As he continues to evolve in his career and personal life, fans can anticipate more noteworthy contributions from this remarkable individual.