PUBG Advanced Tips And Tricks: How To Survive And Win Vikendi Map

Before the end of 2018, PUBG Corporation introduced the world to its new Vikendi map in December. Since then, players have been searching for PUBG advanced tips and tricks to survive the map and have the famous Chicken Dinner.

Vikendi map in PUBG is undoubtedly one of the best maps players have ever come across. It has tons of gorgeous and mysterious locations to explore. In addition, there are many new vehicles and advanced features that make PUBG one of the best battle royale games one has ever played on a mobile or Xbox.

While many across the world are enjoying PUBG Vikendi map, there are some curious players who keep on looking for PUBG mobile secrets and advanced tips and tricks to survive longer than others in the map.

For those enthusiasts and curious players, we have put together some PUBG mobile pro tips to develop a more effective survival strategy.

  • Mount Kreznic Is Hot Zone, Don’t Land There   

In PUBG, the thumb rule of survival is to stay away from hot zones. If you want to stay longer, then ensure that you are not landing in hot zones like Villa and Mount Kreznic. Although these places are filled with many things to loot, they are also more dangerous than other landing spots. So, choose small towns to land where the chances of facing enemies are low right after landing on the ground.

  • Don’t Forget The Footprints 

Vikendi map has lots of snow. This leads to a player leaving footprints behind him. Although enemies can use footprints to locate your position, you can also use this trick to track down your enemy. While exploring an area through footprints, remember that there are some really smart players who are noticing your footprints too.

  • Go Invisible With White Ghillie Suit

One of the most useful PUBG advanced tips and tricks is to analyze your surroundings and make the most out of it. For example- Vikendi map has a white ghillie suit for players. Although it looks like a simple snowsuit, it can make you go invisible on the snow. To use it in the best way is to crawl after wearing it.

  • Vikendi Has Plenty Of Places To Hide

Don’t listen to players who say Vikendi map doesn’t have places to hide or dodge. Analyze your surroundings carefully, and you will realize that there are several hidden places to take cover and fool the enemies. They are boulders and trees. Many of them are thick enough to stay safe when you are out in the open.

  • High Spots Are Better

Instead of hiding somewhere just to survive, reach a high spot and finish your enemy. Being there, you can easily spot other players and kill them. A combination of a high spot and a white gillie suit can be deadly for your enemies.

  • Use Snowmobile on Right Areas

A snowmobile is the coolest addition to PUBG Vikendi map. It’s fast, easy to control, and works on all kinds of surfaces. Yes, you can use it even on a road. But the right place to use it on snow. It is very fast there. 

Final Words

These are some PUBG advanced tips and tricks that can help you survive Vikendi map longer or even get Chicken Dinner. Try them all and beat your enemies. Good luck!