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Where To Find Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile: Red Gun Locations On All Maps

All PUBG players know the importance of the flare gun. Popularly known as the red gun, it is one of the rarest weapons in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is extremely helpful when you require custom AirDrop. Where to find the flare gun in PUBG mobile?

There are some secret locations in all maps of the online multiplayer battle royale game where you can get the weapon and call for around 2X more than usual supplies in AirDrop. Let’s explore those PUBG flare gun locations:

Flare Gun On Map Erangel

Erangel is the most famous PUBG mobile map. There are many locations where you can find the best guns in PUBG mobile, but finding the red gun isn’t easy when you are not aware of places where you can get the weapon. Below are the places to look for it:

  • Georgopol

It is the best region in Erangel to look for a flare gun. If it’s your lucky day, then your chances of locating the weapon are two times than normal. Although Georgopol is a big region to explore, it has multiple points where you can look for the weapon. On the way, you may also come across various kinds of supplies. Beware! Georgopol is extremely popular region among pro players.

  • Mylta Power

Don’t confuse Mylta with Mylta Power; otherwise, you may not find the gun you are looking for. There is a big warehouse in the area where you can easily locate the red gun. All you need to do is reach the place before other players.

Flare Gun On Map Vikendi

Launched a few months ago, Vikendi is a gorgeous yet challenging map even for pro players. PUBG mobile requires skills and strategy to beat the enemy and get the famous Chicken Dinner. Your journey to be on the top becomes a little easier when you have the right supplies. Get a flare run on Vikendi Map and call for striking supplies in AirDrop.  

  • Dobro Mesto

It is an amazing place to collect lots of supplies, including the incredible flare gun. Although there aren’t many places in the area where you may locate the desired weapon, you can get it if you are quick to reach the region.

  • Villa

It is a small city on Vikendi map with large buildings. This place is equipped with lots of useful weapons, and they also include a flare gun. One of the most prominent reasons to explore the region in search of your favorite weapon is that it has many places where you can get the popular red gun.

Flare Gun On Sanhok Map

The tiniest PUBG map, Sanhok is beautiful and challenging at the same time. The map is deadliest in many ways, so you need to have the best weapons with you to knock others down in just one shot. Look for a flare gun and call for the most amazing weapons for you.

  • Ruins

Situated on the south-western island, the region has several huge structures where you can easily look for some deadly weapons. PUBG mobile also the home to everyone’s favorite flare gun. However, it is also an area where you will find many players looking for the same weapon.

  • Cave

If you are a daring PUBG player, then take the risk of parachuting into the cave. In the region, there is a temple popular for being an amazing place to loot. This is also a good place to look for a flare gun.

Flare Gun On Miramar Map 

First things first, Miramar is a tough map. Even many pro players find it difficult to survive here. The map is bigger than Erangel and does not have many hiding places. You need to look for the best guns in PUBG mobile and start knocking out others. Look for a flare gun and call for the best supplies.

  • Graveyard

It is one of the toughest spots on the Miramar map to be, but the place is worth taking the risk. You get useful loot here that includes the red gun. 

  • Impala

Not many players notice the region as it located at a far corner on the map. However, there are some great spots here where you can get some awesome supplies. Enter all the buildings and find a flare gun for yourself.

What Is The Use Of Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile And How To Use It

The flare gun is one of the rarest yet useful weapons to have in your bag. You can use it for custom AirDrop and get some highly valuable equipment. To make the most out of the weapon, you need to use it in the right way. How to use the flare gun in PUBG mobile?

  • Select the gun and get outside in an open space.
  • Fire the gun in the air.
  • When the crate arrives, loot it quickly and move to a new location.


Now that you know where to find the flare gun in all PUBG mobile maps, what is the use of the flare gun, and how to use it, go for the red gun and have the Chicken Dinner. All the best!

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