Everything You Need To Know About Mara Jade Skywalker Pink Lightsaber

Everything You Need To Know About Mara Jade Skywalker Pink Lightsaber

Mara Jade Skywalker, a captivating character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU), has left a lasting impression on fans. 

Her journey from Emperor’s Hand to reluctant Jedi Knight is well documented, but one lingering mystery continues to spark debate: the rumored pink lightsaber.

This blog dives deep into the legend of Mara Jade’s pink lightsaber, exploring its origins, potential meanings, and place within the Star Wars universe.

A Persistent Fan Theory

The idea of Mara Jade wielding a pink blade primarily stems from a reference photoshoot mishap in 2000. 

Shannon Baksa, the actress portraying Mara Jade in promotional photos for the “Choices of One” novel, mistakenly held a purple saber. This image, combined with a lack of a definitive saber color for Mara Jade in the early EU materials, fueled fan speculation about a pink blade.

Mara Jade’s Blade History

While the blade remains unconfirmed in canon, Jade’s established history offers a fascinating alternative.

Emperor’s Hand:  

Initially, Mara Jade wielded a blade gifted by Emperor Palpatine. This saber, as depicted in the comic series “Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand,” had a magenta blade. This deep pink-ish hue might have contributed to the misconception of a straight-up pink blade.

Skywalker Heirloom: 

After reconciling with Luke Skywalker and entering Jedi training, she received Anakin Skywalker’s blue blade as a gift.  She wielded this iconic blue blade for most of her Jedi career, solidifying her connection to the Skywalker legacy.

Exploring the Meaning of a Pink Lightsaber

Though non-canon, the concept of a pink saber for Mara Jade has captured fans’ imaginations. Here are some potential interpretations:

Gray Jedi Symbolism:  

Pink, a blend of red and white (representing the dark and light sides), could symbolize a Gray Jedi path. This aligns with some aspects of Jade’s character, who often operated outside the Jedi Order’s rigid structure.

Uniqueness and Independence:  

It could signify Jade’s independence and refusal to be confined by traditional Jedi or Sith ideologies. It could represent her forging her own path within the Force.

Compassion and Empathy:  

Some fans associate pink with compassion and empathy, traits Mara Jade possesses despite her former association with the Empire. The blade could reflect her growth and her commitment to the light side.

The Pink Lightsaber’s Legacy

Despite its non-canon status, it continues to hold significance for fans. Here’s how it impacts Star Wars fandom:

Fan Art and Cosplay:  

It has become a popular trope in fan art and cosplay, showcasing fans’ creativity and desire to see Jade in a more personalized role within the Jedi Order.

A Call for Representation:  

It could represent a desire for more diverse saber colors and a broader spectrum of Force users within the Star Wars universe.

The Future of Jade’s Lightsaber

With the rise of Disney’s Star Wars canon, Mara’s character and her potential pink lightsaber remain outside the official story. 

However, the concept continues to inspire and spark conversations about the ever-evolving Star Wars universe.


Star Wars pink lightsaber may be a product of fan imagination, but it reflects a deep-seated desire to explore the complexities of the Force and the diverse paths Force users can take. 

Whether it remains a beloved fan theory or inspires future creators, the pink blade serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Jade Skywalker and the captivating world of Star Wars.