Transform Your Communication with ChatGPT-Powered Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft corporation launches team premium, featuring integration with ChatGPT AI technology.

Now, enhance your collaboration experience with team premium, offering AI-powered features from ChatGPT and OpenAI for $7 per month (starting June).

“Experience streamlined meetings with automatic notes, task recommendations, and template creation, thanks to the integration of ChatGPT’s innovative AI technology in teams premium.

Microsoft, a tech giant at the forefront of innovation, recently made headlines with its multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI. The company has revealed plans to integrate the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT into all of its products, positioning itself for a fierce competition with industry rival Alphabet Inc’s Google.

Leading the charge in the world of generative AI, ChatGPT’s ability to effortlessly produce prose or poetry on demand has caught the attention of some of the biggest names in tech. As the race for technological dominance heats up, more and more companies are pouring their resources into this promising field.