Redesigning Your Site May Affect Your Rankings, Says Google

Redesigning Your Site May Affect Your Rankings, Says Google

“Gary Illyes from Google’s Search Relations Team delivers valuable insights with his latest PSA on LinkedIn! 

Dive into the exciting world of search engine optimization as Gary reveals the impact of site redesigns on rankings, saying ‘Get ready for a wild ride, as your site’s rankings may go haywire when you revamp it.'”

“Gary Illyes sheds light on the fascinating connection between site design and search engine rankings! 

He explains, “The HTML structure of your pages plays a crucial role in helping search engines understand your content. So, be careful when you alter your HTML, whether it’s by breaking up paragraphs, swapping out H tags for CSS styling, or adding breaking tags”. 

These changes can impact the output of HTML parsers, potentially leading to changes in your site’s search engine rankings., he added.

Redesign to your heart’s content, but be mindful of the HTML! Gary reminds us that a makeover should not come at the cost of ranking changes. 

So, go ahead, make your site pretty, but don’t mess with the core HTML or risk affecting your search engine rankings.