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Money Heist: Interesting, Unknown Facts about Álvaro Morte (The Professor)

Do you know Álvaro Morte aka The Professor from Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de Papel) made his acting debut 20 years ago? Apart from the Netflix series, the Spanish superstar has played prominent roles in Mirage and Wings. Find more interesting facts about Álvaro Morte (Sergio “El Profesor” Marquina). 

The Professor is popular worldwide for his perfect plan for a heist, which is why he is the first character that comes to mind when someone mentions Money Heist

Till the Season 5 Vol. I of Money Heist, Álvaro Morte is the main character of the popular Netflix series. His performance is behind the unmatched popularity of The Professor. His global popularity can be calculated from his massive fan following on various social media channels. He has more than 10 million followers on the social networking site Instagram. 

However, acting isn’t new to Álvaro Morte. There are dozens of Álvaro Morte movies and TV shows, which prove that the Spanish actor has been in the field for decades. 

For the fans of Money Heist and The Professor, we’ve created a list of interesting facts about the actor. Let’s begin:

Álvaro Morte Doesn’t Wear Glasses in His Real Life

When asked to paint a picture of Álvaro Morte, we all think of a man wearing a nice suit and glasses. However, he doesn’t need glasses in real life. The glasses were added to make his character look convincing. 

Who is he? What is the age of Álvaro Morte?

The Spanish star comes from a middle-income family. Born on 23 February 1975 in Algeciras, he is 46 years old.

Álvaro Morte began his journey in the acting field in 2002 when he played the role of a firefighter in the Spanish television series Hospital Central. After that, he played roles in Plan 25, Lola The Movie, and others.

Álvaro Morte Has Battled Cancer

Before The Professor in Money Heist, Álvaro Morte’s life had lots of ups and downs. And, the hardest battle was against cancer. In 2011, the actor was diagnosed with a tumor in the leg. Soon after that, doctors discovered that it was cancer. 

As per reports, Álvaro Morte thought he had only a few months left and was prepared for the end time. However, the treatment went well, and our beloved professor won the hard battle. 

Álvaro Morte Competed Against Wentworth Miller for the Role of The Professor

The journey to becoming El Professor wasn’t simple for Álvaro Morte. He defeated many talented actors to win the role, including Michael Scofield from Prison Break

According to Money Heist directors, they wanted a male over 50 who looked like a professor from a place like Havard. As the directors had worked with Álvaro Morte in the past, they found him apt for the role. 

However, the actor took five attempts to nail the character.

Álvaro Morte is ‘Actually’ a Professional, But in a Different Way

Many fans call him El Profesor in real life. The interesting reality is that Álvaro Morte is indeed a professor. He gives lectures at Tampere University in Finland on stage management

Álvaro Morte is an Engineer

Not just in Money Heist, but Álvaro Morte has a plan B in real life too. Before giving all his time to acting, the actor was practicing engineering. According to reports, he is a communications engineer, which has some interesting connections to his character in the Netflix series. 

Álvaro Morte is Married and Has Twins

Before his Instagram account was flooded with pictures around Money Heist, it was all about his wife Blanca Clemente and his two babies. His wife is a co-owner of 300 Pistolas, while his babies are fraternal twins. 

These are some interesting facts related to Álvaro Morte aka Professor from Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de Papel). When our sources find more, we’ll update the space.  

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