Indoor Plants as Gift, A Thoughtful Gesture to Health

Indoor Plants as Gift, A Thoughtful Gesture to Health

In a world dominated by technology and material possessions, the act of gifting a plant stands apart from the crowd and is a refreshing change from the usual. The chance to connect with your loved ones via a plant is symbolic of a strong and grounded bond of love. If you wish to give indoor plants as gifts, then head over to Urvann, to find the largest collection of houseplants, one for every gifting need. 

Read this article to discover the best houseplants to gift,

  1. Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant, also known as the ‘Ficus Elastica’, is a symbol of versatility and growth, and is a meaningful gift choice. It is a hardy indoor plant and a living decor piece. It removes harmful substances like formaldehyde hanging in the air indoors. The plant comes in two varieties which are commonly available, one in a burgundy color and the other in a variegated variety. 

Gifting this plant to your loved ones will improve the aesthetics of their home too. 

  1. Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is a captivating plant, with its iconic leaf splits and deep green color. Gifting this large indoor plant will add a touch of tropical elegance to spaces and symbolize strength in your bond with your loved one. The plant is very easy to care for and fills the recipient’s home or office with positivity. The plant has large leaves and is also called the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’.

  1. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is a tropical indoor plant and is popularly known as the ‘Chinese Evergreens’. It is much more than just a houseplant and also offers an array of benefits for the gift recipient. It can be tended to both by newbies and seasoned gardeners as it is a low-maintenance houseplant. The plant has great air-purification capacity and will keep the surroundings free from toxicity.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you would like to give the perfect indoor plant as gifts, then the Fiddle-leaf fig is your answer. The plants are cherished for their waxy, strikingly large leaves adding a touch of sophistication and grace wherever it is placed. Fiddle-Leaf Figs are versatile in interior decor and contribute great indoor quality of air.  The presence of greenery in your home has also been linked to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. We are sure that gifting this plant to your loved one will definitely bring a smile to their face.

Caring for plants and watching them grow fosters a sense of responsibility and connection with nature. Urvann, India’s first online nursery has a large collection of clay plants, monsoon plants, flower plants online, and much more. The presence of green in our lives creates a soothing ambiance for us to relax and unwind after a long day of work. Scientific research shows that the presence of indoor plants has a positive effect on our mental and emotional health.