Bronny James Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Biography, Net worth & Family

Bronny James Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Biography, Net worth & Family

Bronny James, the eldest son of NBA legend LeBron James, has been thrust into the spotlight since his birth. Following in his father’s footsteps, Bronny has embarked on his own basketball journey, showcasing his talents on the court and garnering attention from fans and media alike.

Early Years and Professional Life

Born on October 6, 2004, in Akron, Ohio, Bronny James Jr. grew up immersed in the world of basketball. His father, LeBron James, is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and Bronny quickly developed a passion for the game.

Bronny James as a child playing basketball

From a young age, Bronny displayed natural athleticism and basketball skills. He played on AAU teams and participated in numerous high-profile tournaments, attracting attention from scouts and college coaches across the country.

High School Career

Bronny attended Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California, where he continued to excel as a basketball player. He earned a four-star recruit rating from major scouting services and was named a McDonald’s All-American in 2023.

College Career

In 2023, Bronny committed to play college basketball for the USC Trojans. As a freshman at USC, he is expected to make a significant impact on the team and further develop his skills under the guidance of experienced coach Andy Enfield.

Personal Life

Bronny James is known for his humility and down-to-earth personality. He is often seen supporting his father at NBA games and has a strong relationship with his family anp

Wife Or Girlfriends

As of the latest available information, Bronny James has kept details about his romantic life private. Given his age and focus on his burgeoning basketball career, relationships may take a back seat for the time being.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: LeBron Raymone James Jr.
  • Nickname: Bronny
  • Date of Birth: October 6, 2004
  • Height: 6’3″ (1.91 m)
  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • Current Team: USC Trojans
  • High School: Sierra Canyon School
  • College: University of Southern California

Physical Attributes

  • Height: 6’3″ (1.91 m)
  • Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • Wingspan: 6’7″ (2.01 m)
  • Vertical Jump: 42 inches (1.07 m)

Net Worth

Bronny James is still a young athlete, and his official net worth is not publicly available. However, it is estimated that he has earned a significant amount of money through endorsements and sponsorships.

Age & Physical Status

  • Age: 19 years old (as of November 2023)
  • Height: 6’3″ (1.91 m)
  • Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • Team: USC Trojans


  • Father: LeBron James
  • Mother: Savannah Brinson
  • Siblings: Bryce James, Zhuri James


  • High School: Sierra Canyon School
  • College: University of Southern California

Net Worth / Income

Bronny James’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. His primary source of income is endorsements and sponsorships.

Favorite Things

  • Basketball: Bronny James is passionate about basketball and spends a significant amount of time practicing and playing the game.
  • Spending time with family and friends: Bronny James values his family and friends and enjoys spending time with them.
  • Playing video games: Bronny James is a fan of video games and enjoys playing them in his free time.

Amazing Facts About Bronny James

  • Bronny James is a lefty.
  • Bronny James is a straight-A student.
  • Bronny James has over 10 million followers on Instagram.
  • Bronny James has been featured in several commercials and advertisements.
  • Bronny James is the first son of an NBA player to be named a McDonald’s All-American.


Bronny James is a talented young basketball player with a bright future ahead of him. He is following in his father’s footsteps, but he is also carving his own path to success. With his hard work, dedication, and talent, Bronny James is poised to become a star in the NBA and leave his own mark on the game of basketball.