A Guide to Stress-Free Experience for Nervous Pets in a Dog Boarding

Are you considering dropping your pet to a dog boarding but worried about their anxiety? 

Sending them away from home and yourself makes them uncomfortable, but it is for their own benefit. 

When you are away, dog boarding in Blacktown, for example, can take excellent care of your pets. 

An effectively organised facility ensures that your furry friend can adjust to the environment quickly. 

So, here are some tips you can follow to reduce the stress of your pets while boarding. 

But before going further – do you know what your dogs will think when they have to sleep in an unfamiliar place? 

What is Boarding Stress?

When pups move to a totally unknown environment, it can lead to their discomfort. 

They show those symptoms through aggression, fear, anxiety, shaking, and other noticeable behavioural changes. 

Imagine yourself n a new place where you know no one around. That’s exactly how your pup can feel at a boarding facility for the first few days. 

Those days can be extremely challenging for your furry friend to adjust to that environment. 

So, it is important to get assurance that your furry friend can stay comfortably in the new place. 

Further, it can become even easier for them to adjust when you introduce them to a new friend who will be there.  

Reasons for Boarding Stress in Dogs

Not all dogs experience stress, but for many of them, it can be an extremely unpleasant experience, which is pretty stressful for the owners. 

Most factors determine whether or not boarding is stressful for your dogs, including –

  • your dog’s personality, 
  • the boarding environment and 
  • the staff’s behaviour, 

Here are a few things that can make your dog anxious – 

Changes in Routine

Pups become habitual to the same routine they follow. Any changes in their routines can cause discomfort and anxiety.

Therefore, when you shift them to dog boarding in Sydney, for example, it can be stressful. The reason is that sudden changes in the routine can make your pups lose comfort. 

Unfamiliar People 

Most dogs don’t like the touch and presence of another human. 

But when they do not see their favourite person or owner, it can stress them out. 

So, the unfamiliar and new faces can cause discomfort and stress in the dogs

Lack of Exercise 

Dogs are active creatures that need exercise to feel less anxious. 

When you shift them to the boarding facility, sometimes they become afraid to go out. As a result, it impacts their health negatively. 

How can boarding facilities help ease Dogs’ anxiety?

Some dogs feel anxiety, especially when they are visiting the boarding facility for the very first time. 

However, as an owner, you just need to calm yourself down if you want to soothe your nervous dog. 

Here are some ways you can follow to help ease the separation anxiety in dogs – 

Communicate with the Boarding professionals.

Communication is key when you are leaving your furry friend in dog boarding in Sydney, for example. 

So, learn about every aspect of how the facility can look after your pup. 

Set up appointments 

As a dog owner, you must review the information the boarding facilities provide. 

There must be additional questions, so it is essential to schedule an appointment with the facilities to discuss how everything works. 

Before you leave your furry friend at the boarding facility, you need to get a clear explanation for your concerns. Learn about – 

  • how your dog will spend their day, 
  • what training the staff members have completed, 
  • the other pups with whom your dog will spend time with, and 
  • how the staff members help the anxious dogs to make them feel comfortable. 

Let the boarding facility staff know about your dog’s health and behaviour.

You prefer to give your dogs the best care possible. 

So, if you want to make your dog stay comfortable in the facility, you should let the staff know about your dog’s health. 

This way, it can become easier for the staff members as well to become aware of the symptoms that your pup might be going through.


Anxiety is normal in every new situation, and it applies to everyone, from a pup to a human.

However, when you become aware of the environment of the boarding facility, it helps you make an informed decision. 

When you feel less anxious, the same sense of control and calmness will also carry over to your dog.