Revealed! Why Netflix’s Squid Game is So Popular

Revealed! Why Netflix’s Squid Game is So Popular

The Korean drama dystopian series Squid Game is soon to become the most watched show in the history of Netflix. It has been a trending topic on almost every social media platform, with TikTok garnering more than 23 billion views on the hashtag “#SquidGame”. Apart from that, the show has gained 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s why the Squid Game is a sensation.

Released in September, Squid Game took just a few days to become the Internet’s favorite show. In a statement, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos revealed that the Korean series has already become the biggest non-English show on the streaming platform. 

A report by Flix Patrol, an online website that provides statistics on OTT platforms, revealed that Squid Game was the top Netflix series in a number of countries worldwide, including the US, the UK, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, and South Korea.

Is Netflix’s Squid Game really good, or is it just hype? 

Netflix’s Squid Game

Warning: You are going to read some mild spoilers ahead.

According to Vulture, the show’s makers didn’t enthusiastically advertise the series in western countries. It was the freshness of Squid Game that made it a social media sensation. 

In an interview, Netflix’s Bela Bajaria said, “People hear about Squid Game; They talk about it, and they love it. People help get more love worldwide for the show”.

What Makes the Squid Game so Popular?

  • Subtitles in Multiple Languages

Although the show is shot in Korean, Netflix allows viewers to watch it in 37 different languages. It enables users to enjoy the show without looking at subtitles. 

  • Rise in the Popularity of Non-English Shows

Netflix-like streaming platforms have globalized different countries’ entertainment industries. Since Korean dramas have been popular for several years, Squid Game didn’t take a long time to grab the attention of series lovers.

  • Positive Reviews

From binge-watchers to critics, many praise the show’s uniqueness on the Internet. Apart from that, social media users have been sharing their experience with the Korean drama. 

  • Peer Pressure

It’s like Game of Thrones. When everyone in a social gathering is talking about the show, you don’t want to look clueless. Today, when everyone on social media is posting about Squid Game, nobody wants to stay behind in the race to finish the Netflix series.

  • Meme Material

Of course, there are plenty of moments in the show that can be used to create memes. 

Have you already watched Netflix’s Squid Game? What do you think of it?