Kota Factory Season 2

Kota Factory Season 2 Review: Jeetendra Kumar Aka Jeetu Bhaiya Shines in the Must-Watch Sequel

Netflix’s Kota Factory focuses on young minds preparing for competitive examinations while navigating their hopes and expectations. Kota Factory Season 2 successfully delivers relatable performances and throws light on teenage warriors’ battle to crack the IIT JEE. Read the review to know more!

A gripping storyline, brilliant performances, and useful life lessons; that’s the ingredients for a successful Kota Factory season recipe. Season 2 has everything, and in order.

Recently, Netflix released the second season of TVF’s widely-popular Hindi web series Kota Factory. 

Kota Factory 2 begins from where the first season had ended. The show’s characters Vaibhav, Vartika, Meena, Meenal, and Uday are back to their coaching classes. On the other hand, Jeetu Bhaiya has resigned from Prodigy Classes, only to start his own coaching institute. 

Following the show’s original black and white template, season 2 digs deeper into the life of young characters, including Vaibhav, and our beloved Jeetu Bhaiya.

What’s Good : Kota Factory 

Well, there are so many good things about the show. From the black and white template to life lessons, several things provide a nostalgic value. 


Mayur More, who plays the character of Vaibhav Pandey, is brilliant throughout the series. Vaibhav has joined the town’s most prestigious coaching institute Maheshwari Classes, but life isn’t easy for him. Mayur has amazingly portrayed the role of Vaibhav. 

On the other hand, Jeetu Bhaiya – Played by Jitendra Kumar – is inspirational. The way he connects with his students and encourages them is both emotional and beautiful. 

In short, all the actors have played their parts splendidly. 


Although the storyline is simple and predictable, it’s exciting and relatable. Arunabh Kumar knew how to make characters and their lives exciting for viewers. 

There are some amazing life lessons that can boost people of all ages. 


The best thing about Kota Factory Season 2 is that it’s non-judgmental. It addresses several issues – from pressure on young students to pass an examination to the lives of students who aren’t born to be toppers and the confidence of girl students. However, the show is judgmental.

What’s Bad

Like everything else in the universe, Kota Factory Season 2 has its fair share of pros and cons. 

When it comes to those parts that didn’t work well for the show, the good news is that there aren’t many. 

However, the second season is very slow, especially in the first two episodes. You can literally skip several minutes of these episodes. Apart from that, the relationship between Vaibhav and Vartika is too detailed. 

What to Do

Like Kota Factory Season 1, the second part of the series is a masterpiece by TVF, and should be watched at least once.