House of the Dragon

‘House of the Dragon’ Official Trailer Breakdown: GOT Shadow or Something Fresh?

HBO’s much-awaited Game of Thrones prequel has its first full-length official trailer. Let’s break down each image from the trailer of ‘House of the Dragon’ in the best detail.

Pic: HBO

The blond wig gang is here!

HBO released the first House of the Dragon trailer this Wednesday. And, the Game of Thrones prequel is going to premiere next month. 

Although there are many weeks for the prequel to start, the full-length trailer shows several exciting and baffling moments. And, many of them raise a question: Will House of the Dragon perform under the shadow of Game of Thrones, or will it have its unique identity?

From the official House of the Dragon trailer, it can be speculated that the GOT prequel has the potential to glue viewers to their seats – a feat that the last season of Game of Thrones couldn’t achieve (sorry Benioff and Weiss). 

Let’s break down what we’ve learned so far from the first full-length official trailer of House of the Dragon.

  • King Viserys’ Blood on the Iron Throne

Pic: HBO

The trailer shows the bleeding hand of King Viserys on the sharp blades of the magnificent iron throne. I, being a fan of GOT, decode the picture as a hint that whoever sits on the throne has to be ready for a bloodbath.  

  • Targaryens and Their Dragons

There’s a frame in the trailer of House of the Dragon where Daemon Targaryen can be seen with his dragon. This depicts the power of Targaryens and their love for dragons. The picture of Daemon and his dragon is so beautiful that you don’t see the dragon as a beast but as a loyal pet.  

  • Dragon Pit

Pic: HBO

Game of Thrones only shows the ruins and crumbling walls of the dragonpit, which, however, give the idea that there was a dragon a long time ago. Now, the official House of the Dragon trailer gives a glimpse of the dragon pit before it turned into ruins. 

  • The Famous ‘Dagger’

Pic: HBO

Do you remember the ‘catspaw dagger’ from Game of Thrones? I do. It was in the House of the Dragon trailer, and I couldn’t neglect it. In the trailer, Alicent Hightower can be seen with the famous dagger. 

  • Other Exciting Things

Apart from these interesting frames, I noticed many fascinating things in the trailer – including Aemond Targaryen, popularly known as Aemond “One-Eye. 

What else did you notice? Please tell us in the comment section, and let’s have an exciting conversation. And if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here’s the first full-length official trailer of House of the Dragon.